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    Roof Water Proofing

  • Sealing existing roof leaks; preventing future leaks
  • Sustaining the current roof and extending its lifecycle
  • Reducing future maintenance needs and related costs
  • Improving energy efficiency (based on the type of coating)
  • Added protection against damage from weather and UV
  • Enhanced defence vs water penetration renew roof underlay
    Joint Sealants

  • Joints in buildings, bridges, roads and airfields pavements are inescapable. They may be expansion joints, construction joints or dummy joints. Such joints must be effectively sealed to facilitate movement of structure, to provide waterproofing quality or to improve the riding qualities. While providing large openings and windows in buildings there exists gap between wall and window frames through which water flows inside.
    Bathrooms/kitchens Water Proofing

  • It is essential to waterproof your house. Interrior areas of our house must be kept dry from roof to basement. Water infiltration can lead to damages such as insect infestation, bacterial and fungal contamination of internal walls and in worst case building failures.
    Interior Wall Water Proofing

  • Damp on internal walls can look very unsightly, often causes a bad smell in the house, and can cause permanent damage to plaster, paint and finishes.
    Injection Grouting

  • Injection grouting is one of the powerful methods commonly adopted for stopping the leakages in dames, basements, swimming pools, construction joints and even in the leaking roofs. We have quite a few materials available for filling up cracks and crevics in concrete structures to make them waterproof or for repair and rehabilitation of structures.