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Floor care


  • Floor Topping thickness should be of recommended norm.
  • Use recommended materials only for floor painting.
  • Floor should be cleaned with dilute standard detergent
  • Mop the floor using rubber or nylon broom only twice a day with clean water after sweeping the dust.
  • Do not allow water to stagnate on the floor.
  • Clean and wipe the floor with dry cloth and allow the floor to dry.
  • Do not spill acid or any alkaline material on the floor.
  • Avoid oil spillage on the floor for ensuring safety.
  • Do not hammer anything by placing it on the floor.
  • Do not drag heavy machinery/vehicles on the stand, on the floor.
  • Do not use trolleys with steel/iron castors on the floor.
  • Do not drags work benches on the floor?
  • Use rubber mats below the work bench legs.
  • Do not keep dismantled components on the floor.
  • Do not heat any substance on the floor.
  • Avoid sand spillage as this may act as an abrasive material.
  • No point load should be applied on the floor.
  • Do not use Shoes/Chapels with metal Spikes/Plates/Nails in the sole.
  • In case of chip off or abrasion contact the respective dealer/supplier at the early stage